10 Best water toys for an unforgettable yachting experience

What’s better than spending warm summer days on a superyacht? Spending them on a superyacht with a large selection of the latest water toys! To have even more fun while cruising the open seas, choose the best gadgets that add a sense of adventure to your hedonist escapade. From pretty tame options to thrilling ones only reserved for the bravest of yachting aficionados, here are the best water toys to enjoy some fun and frolics on your next luxury cruise

Sea Bobs with GoPro camera

If you’ve ever wanted to move through the sea bed just like a dolphin, this electric vehicle provides you with that privilege in the most exciting way. Quiet, fast, and environmentally friendly, Sea Bobs can help propel you up to 40 meters in depth so that you can explore aquatic life in the most electrifying way. Set the maximum speed and start your next crazy adventure - what’s best, many models have the added perk of filming your journey with a Go-Pro camera. If you consider yourself easily bored and always in the search of the next thrill, a Sea Bob is a must-have water toy that will change how you perceive diving forever. The electrically powered scooter lets you glide or dig dip into the azure depths with a top speed of 22km per hour. 

Kymera Body Boards 

This electric bodyboard lets you ride across the surface of the water with a motor and is more affordable than a Sea Bob, but just as fun. The Kymera Body Board was the world’s first electric jet-propelled bodyboard to be released. It can launch a rider at 30 km per hour, providing a boost of adrenaline for those looking for a fast way to explore the seas. 

If you think that it requires a lot of skill to operate one, you’re wrong. The only requirement is height - anyone taller than 150 cm can ride one, as this is the easiest of all jet boards to use. 

No experience is necessary and you’ll quickly grasp a sense of how to operate it. Just use your legs as rudders and let your lower body weight manoeuvre the Body Board. An excellent toy for those who’re not exactly experts on standup boards, but would love to be - a Kymera Body Board is stable and pretty reliable considering the speed it provides.

Water Slides 

Turn your yacht into a water park with just one gadget! A water slide is an inflatable water toy that will keep all guests regardless of age entertained. The fastest way to feel like a kid again, water slides are often custom-made for superyachts, and the hang of decks to let the lucky voyageurs slide into the limpid seas within seconds. Depending on the size of your boat, you’ll find different models, from lightweight options made for yachts with a rail height under 5 meters to non-supported slides for those that are up to 12 meters in height, to the most exciting option made for the largest of boats that have curves that will make you dizzy while entering the seas. Easy to use, and very safe, a water slide will provide plenty of fun for all guests - especially the youngest charterers. 

Anti Jellyfish Pools 

If you’re travelling with little ones or going to a place notorious for a large number of jellyfish, these pools will spare you a lot of stress and trouble and prevent any accidents caused by an annoying sting. Thanks to a weighted net, they stop medusas from entering your designated swim area. Relax and go for a dip without worrying about these little annoying creatures. Some jellyfish can even be deadly, so this is not only a fun toy to have but a responsible choice when going to locations where the risk is high. Attach it to the back of your boat and continue your day without a single worry!


If swimming and diving are no longer too entertaining for you, your next move could be flying over the water. The sky's the limit and there’s no reason to stop exploring - the flyboard lets you propel above the seas like an eagle. This hydro flighting device will take you up to 22 meters above the surface. All you need to do is stand on a board that is connected by a long hose to the watercraft - you’ll have an experience that is like nothing you’ve tried before.

Invented in 2012 by Franky Zappata, a watercraft rider from France who was looking to create a gadget that allows you to be fully stable in the air by underfoot propulsion and hand stabilization. 

Not a sport for the faint of heart - the flyboard is reserved for the most daring guest, who’s looking for an adrenaline boost like no other. It attaches to the user similarly to a wakeboard and it’s advisable that the instructor monitors your moves and adjusts the power to match your comfort level. A new extreme sport that is just gaining momentum, flyboarding is the next trend for adrenaline junkies. Be one of the first to try it out and have wild fun on your next luxury cruise.

Electric surfboards

Do you love surfing? Imagine if you weren’t dependent on waves and could surf anywhere and anytime! It can be quite annoying when you plan your vacation the entire year and the wind conditions don’t allow you to practice your favourite sport. With an electric surfboard, that concern is a thing of the past. Used for gliding over the water while reaching unimaginable speeds without the need for waves, this device is powered by a lithium-ion battery, activating the jet when pressing the ¨trigger”. Motorized surfboards allow you to enjoy nature without being dependent on it - surf anytime and anywhere!

It’s not recommended for those under the age of 16 and they usually have a weight limit - these are water toys that are only aimed at those who have some surfing experience under their belts. 


There are so many water toys on the market these days it makes it kind of difficult to narrow down the selection of the gadgets to equip your garage with. Yet, some never go out of style. A submarine allows you to explore “under the sea” in absolute comfort. 

From Aston Martin models to Robo Sharks, today’s luxury submersibles are better than ever and have state-of-the-art technology for an incomparable adventure at sea. If you think that they’re only available on the longest superyachts, you’re wrong - there are mini versions today that can be easily stored in the garage without taking too much space. 

The Seamagine Aurora 3C is only 3 meters long and can take you almost 500 meters deep. It’s easily operated from a yacht and welcomes two guests and a pilot. The perfect way to explore the mysteries of the underwater world, submarines are the ultimate water toys ideal for those who love visiting shipwrecks or admiring the secrets of the lush aquatic life. 

Jet Ski 

Who can even imagine a cruise without a jet ski? This fun watercraft that was first designed by Kawasaki in 1972 has become an essential component of a luxury yachting experience. 

Providing the excitement of riding a motorcycle but with the added perk of azure surroundings, Jet Skis are the fastest way to get around and are used for a multitude of purposes. Although many call any personal watercraft a jet ski, it is actually a brand-specific name. Other options include Sea-Doos by Polar Industries and Wave Runner by Yamaha. 

The fastest of the bunch can go 160 km per hour, turning the crystal bays into your own race track. New trends in the industry include electrically powered watercrafts such as the Nikola WAV that provide an instantly available torque and a thrilling speed of 96 kph, with the bonus benefit of being very eco-friendly. With LED lights, a touch screen, and a sensor suite, this new PWC presents the latest advancement in the industry and spectacular addition to any superyacht. 

Nuclear globe 

Ever wanted to walk on water? Well, now you can! The super-fun ball lets you make your way around water as fast as you want, thanks to an exterior surface with hundreds of inset cups to help you grip the surface of the sea. Made from heavy-gauge PVC, the nuclear globe has two openings that allow the enthusiasts to enter or exit, and can support up to 80 kilos. and an included rope and tie-down grommets.

Inflatable Toys

Amazing toys that won’t take up too much space in a garage but still provide amazing fun in the sea, inflatable toys are a wonderful addition to any yachts’ equipment. From bananas, donuts, and sofas to the super-exciting blobs that propel guests up to 10 meters in the air, inflatable toys are a fantastic way to make the most out of your sea vacation. Explore the shallow waters with an inflatable kayak or have fun with your kids on a trampoline - the options are endless and good times are guaranteed!

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